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Patch & Bulk Cables

alt="Panels with many patch cables color coded for networks"

A vast array of bulk cables and patch cords are available.  Our state of the art custom cable manufacturing department can custom cut and terminate any type of cable that you need. If you don't see what you want please contact us for a quote!  

Wall Plates & Custom Wall Plates

alt="Custom wall plates are easy to install"

All types of wall plates are available for purchase.  Single gang size up to quad gang size as well as custom designs which can be made to your specifications. If you need specific ports we can design anything you can dream up!

Metal Clad Armored BX MC Copper Cable

alt= "Metal Clad Aluminum armored cable resists the elements, crushing, and rodents!"

BX MC Cable available in Cat6, Cat6a, Cat6 Plenum, Cat 7 indoor and outdoor rated Ethernet cable

Metal Clad Aluminum armored cable that resists the elements, crushing, and rodents! 

Fiber Optic Panels and Boxes

alt="Fiber optic single mode and multi mode panels"

Fiber optic cable products are available for immediate delivery. Click below to see what we have to offer. 

Telco Cables Patch Panels RJ11 Telephone Cable

alt="RJ21 telco cable and panel for Cisco systems"

RJ21 Male Telco - 24w RJ45 Leaded Panel Cat-3 ideal for Cisco systems Voice Gateway.  RJ11 telephone cables for indoor and outdoor use.

Aerial Outdoor Messenger Cable Cat-5 Cat-6 Cat-6A


Aerial self supporting cable for outdoor use.  

Cat 5, Cat 6, Cat 6A in many different lengths. We also carry bulk cable for large projects.

Cable Wire Reel Caddy Holders

alt="Cable wire reel holder heavy duty"

Heavy duty cable reel holders are made of solid steel able to handle all size reels. From single reels to multiple reels we have the solution for you. 

All removable parts stow safely inside the hollow frame.

SFP+ QSFP Cisco Compatible Cables

alt="SFP+ QSFP high performance and cost effective passive and active cables are equivalent to Cisco

The SFP+ high performance and cost effective passive and active cables are equivalent to Cisco part numbers.   Direct-attach-cable (DAC) copper Twinax cables are ideal for equipment  connections in data centers and wiring closets and are a cost effective  alternative to optical cable assemblies.  


Learn About TiniFiber Fiber Optic Products

alt="TiniFiber micro armored fiber optic cable"

We strive to save you both time and money by combining experience, the highest quality cable and equipment, and exceptional service.  Find out why TiniFiber Micro Armored Fiber Optic Cable is the best solution in fiber optics today! 

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